What are robots ?

Robots are programmable machines or gadgets that can replace humans in performing a range of tasks by executing input commands.

Robots are equipped with a range of sensors whose data act as input. Code is written to process this data and give commands to the motors to move or perform certain actions.

This interactivity is what makes robotics engaging and fun to learn. Kids see the results of their code move physically in front of them.

Some robotics benefits

Creative thinking

Not many fields of knowledge incorporate creativity and fun simultaneously. Studies have shown that robotics achieves both. In fact, students love to partake in activities in which they have full control, something that is possible with robotics. And when learners are able to do cool stuff, they want to develop more features


Hands-on learning activities enhance concentration and attention levels, because the more students learn physical skills, the more they want to continue being in the lesson

Entry to engineering

A lot goes into coding a robot. It requires knowledge from a lot of areas including maths, physics and computer science. These knowledge areas area a great introduction to engineering

The robots


  • mBot is a STEAM education robot thats great for kids starting out with robotics and coding. It's got a modular body that can be customized and line following and ultrasonic sensors


  • Edison is a cute programmble robot that can be expanded with Lego blocks. It can be programmed with drag-and-drop block-based coding or with text-based coding using Python

Upcoming robotics classes