Robofun Goes 100% Online in COVID-19 Era

Robofun has announced its new strategy for coping and thriving in the wake of COVID-19. For the safety of the children, their families, and the instructors, Robofun had to cancel all their usual after-school programs and holiday bootcamps that, of course, operated face-to-face. However, within a remarkably short period of time, Robofun was able to reimagine its services for the online world and make the necessary changes in time for the school holidays! As a result, Robofun is now able to provide classes nationwide and to anyone with a laptop and internet connection. The school holiday classes, which ran virtually, received lots of positive feedback from parents and children who had lots of fun!

Lina Qasem, founder and managing director of Robofun said “We’ve had to improvise in order to ensure our classes continue to run. This required us to pivot our business model to allow for 100% online remote and interactive learning. While it was very challenging to execute in such a short period of time, the feedback has been great, and we know parents needed this service.”

Robofun is also aware of the financial hardships many parents might be facing, and announced they are offering FREE classes for kids whose parents lost their jobs due to COVID-19. “A lot of people have been impacted, we want to make sure we are doing our part and supporting people in any way we can,” Lina Qasem added.

Inspired by the children’s joy and positivity witnessed during the online school holiday classes, Robofun has added new programs to its online services! Along with the coding and 3D design classes throughout term 2, they are offering online parties for friends or family to book a virtual group coding or 3D design class together so they can interact and learn together despite being physically separate. “We are trying to reduce the impact on kids by providing activities similar to what they might have done normally. We want them to meet with friends and family over a beneficial activity and continue socialising,” explains Lina Qasem. Robofun is also offering one on one classes for a more focused and customised approach to learning valuable STEAM skills. To find out more visit


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