Robofun is going green

There is mounting evidence that shows thanks to human activity, global temperatures are rising at a level which isn’t sustainable for the environment to be able to survive.

It is up to every one of us to do what we can so we can play a part in protecting the environment. We are excited that Darebin Council has recognized Robofun as a green business!

We have committed to reducing our e-waste by using rechargeable batteries where we can and recycling non-rechargeable batteries and printer ink cartridges.

There are many things we can do as individuals or businesses to help the environment, here as some ideas:

  • Switch to renewable energy: find an energy company that has a green plan.
  • Turn off unused electronics: as simple as it sounds these small things add up. Turn off any electronics on standby.
  • Cut down on plastic usage: favour a reusable coffee cup and food containers. Invest in some good quality fabric shopping bags.
  • Use public transport where possible as this reduces the number of cars on the road and therefore the emissions.


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