What is Python Coding?

Python is a high-level general-purpose programming language. High-level programming languages such as Python allow a user to write programs, both simple and complex that will work regardless of of the operating system being used. 

Python is a versatile programming language as it can be used for a range of purposes. Some of these include software development, data analysis, web development, app development and sometimes even games. Many of the applications that we use daily use Python, such as Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram. 

Python is a popular choice for getting started with coding as it is easy to learn and has high readability.

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Who can learn Python?

Regardless of experience or age, anyone can learn Python. Python coding is even for kids! Before getting started, we recommend that junior coders have a base understanding of the  following computer science concepts:

Input and Output
Input and output devices allow us to get data in and out of a computer. A computer receives ‘input’ data from an input device such as a microphone. We are able to use this input data in computer programs. ‘Output’ data is what the computer communicates through output devices. For example, a speaker sends sound data into a room. 

Computers need instruction in order to complete a task. We use sequencing to make sure the computer follows the steps in the right order. 

When we want to repeat instructions, instead of rewriting them we can use repetitions. Repetition directs the computer to repeat any instruction. 

A variable is a place to store data such as a number or text. We name these variables so that the data can be retrieved and used later on.

Selection is when a computer program asks a question to decide what to do next. We use ‘if’ or ‘if…else’ statements to make decisions in programs.

How can my child get started?

If your child needs an introduction into these concepts, our beginner or intermediate codings classes might be a good place to start. Our advanced Python coding classes are typically suited for kids aged 12+.

To register for an advanced online coding class with Robofun, visit: www.robofun.com.au/upcoming-classes

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