Events & One-Off Workshops

Robofun's awesome programs at your workplace, public library or school!


Robofun comes to you

We have been privileged to run our programs at some of Melbourne’s best known organisations. 

Ranging from whole day STEM bootcamps to one-off workshops kids are guaranteed to have a great time.

Our programs can be tailored to suit your event. You can allow kids to bring their own devices or let Robofun take care of everything.



  • Robofun provides digital flyers for distribution to all parents with booking link. We can handle all bookings.
  • Robofun can provide laptops, robotic kits and/or 3D printer if needed. 
  • Public liability insurance of $10 million.
  • A Program Manager with first aid and child safety training.
  • Teacher to student ratio of 1:6.
  • Our teaching staff are trained with our own lesson plans.
  • A totally fun and unique experience where students learn to be creators of technology – not just consumers
  • Their very own game and/or digital 3D-design via USB.
  • Certificate of achievement from Robofun.
  • Make friends who share their same interests.
  • Rooms with projectors, bathrooms and ideally a break out / play area (for offices, we understand outdoor space is not always available so ideally parents can sign kids out at lunchtime and enjoy some lunch and fresh air together).
  • Marketing opportunities e.g. email or internal communications / social network promotion where appropriate.
  • High Speed WiFi / an internet connection is needed.
  • A space to let the kids play with the robots.
  • Robofun programs are for children aged 7-12 years, with a minimum requirement of 12 children to run and up to 24.
  • Robofun’s bootcamp normally runs from 9am-4pm, with 15 minutes either side for drop off and pick up as well as 1-hour lunch break in the mid of the day. We can change these hours to better suit  your organization’s working day.
  • For full day bootcamps, children bring their own lunch and snacks with a strict no food sharing policy. Also, we ask parents  for medical information and a medical plan if required.
  • For full day bootcamps, if a child doesn’t have their own laptop, they can rent one for $20 for the duration of the bootcamp.

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