Incursions & One-Off Workshops

Robofun provides incursions and one-off workshops for different organizations. Schools, public libraries and fund-raising events are examples of where our programs shine!

These incursions are flexible and can be tailored to suite everyone’s needs when it comes to timing, location and program type.


Development of Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills at all stages of life will inspire curiosity and creativity and drive innovation and growth. Through an exciting and engaging STEM education, learners of all ages can acquire skills that will give them an edge – so they can be smarter and more innovative, and use new and emerging technologies to solve problems and extend their knowledge and understanding.

Our Programs



3D Design

Some of our previous incursions

coding and robotics school program

Coding and robotics at Fitzroy Community School


Robotics at Islamic Museum of Australia


Robotics at Youth Leadership Victoria


Coding and Robotics at Circles Of Light Center

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