Online Classes Instructions

We can’t wait to have your child join us for one of our online classes!

The instructions are step by step and easy to follow. Please set up your laptop at least 15 minutes before the class starts, to allow time for testing and getting in touch with us with any issues you may encounter. 

Our classes will start promptly on time, but if you’re running a little late, make sure you enter the class muted and listen carefully to the instructor who will follow up with you soon. Don’t worry! You’ll get access to the recording of the class and get the instructor support later on. We will lock the meeting after 15 minutes since the class is well underway and we want to minimize disruption for other children.

Before the class

  • You need a laptop/computer with a stable internet connection. For the best experience, do not use an iPad or tablet. Also please make sure you are not using 2 different devices (i.e One for Zoom and another for your child to work on)
  • Ensure your child is at their desk or seated somewhere quiet, safe and comfortable where they cannot be distracted during the class.
  • Have your laptop charger to hand (and a mouse if you have one).
  • Have your class account ready before the class. Scratch for coding classes & TinkerCad for the 3D design and robotics classes.
  • Click the Zoom link . This is also emailed to you before the class.
  • Test the sound on your laptop – we recommend using headphones during the class to assist with your child’s focus.
  • Get familiar with the Zoom interface in advance. Here is a document with useful guidance for using Zoom.
  • After Zoom has been set up and the class has begun, feel free to stick around or do something else.

During the class

  • Please ensure the microphone is set on mute from the start so that the instructor can be heard clearly. However, whenever your child has a question it is fine for them to momentarily unmute themselves in order to ask their questions as the instructor will explain at the start.
  • For evaluation reasons, the Zoom class will be recorded. If you do not want to give permission for your child to be in this recording, you can choose to turn off the camera in Zoom. 
  • It is important to let you know that for the instructor to see that the kids are following along correctly, the kids will be asked to share their screens. The instructor might also have to use the remote control feature on Zoom if a child gets stuck on a step and needs help. 
  • If you have any technical issues during the class, Get in touch and we’ll sort it for you!

After the class

  • You will be invited to ClassDojo platform to be able to communicate with our instructors directly and get extra challenges and support.
  • You will get access to the recorded class.
  • Send us your feedback and give us a nice review if you enjoyed the class.