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  • 3D design

    Kids are going to learn: Basics of 3D-printers, a working knowledge of 3D modelling and sculpting software, and unleash their creative talents by designing and printing their own 3D objects. More info?

  • Robotics

    Kids are going to learn: Robotics basics, how to interact with robots, how to code robots, drag and drop block programming to control the robot, and how to make useful projects using the robot. More info?

  • Coding

    Kids are going to learn: Computer basics, how to code their own interactive stories, animations, and games, how to think creatively, critically and work collaboratively, and how to solve problems. More info?



Robofun was born out of founder Lina Qasem's love for robotics and coding. Having participated in and won multiple robotics competitions she wondered why there aren't more girls like her in this field. Realising the importance of exposing kids early to STEM education she founded Robofun to do just that.

Robofun provides school incursions, after-school programs, school holiday programs, 1 on 1 tutoring and library workshops.


Meet Our Team

Our instructors are all highly qualified individuals who are also role models for the students.
All instructors have working with children checks.

  • Lina Qasem

    Lina Qasem

    Founder, Managing Director and Instructor

  • Meryl Loke

    Meryl Loke

    Software Developer and Instructor

  • Meaghan Gaunt

    Meaghan Gaunt

    Software Developer and Instructor

  • Raj Hritisha Shee

    Raj Hritisha Shee

    Software Developer and Instructor

  • Faisal Omar

    Faisal Omar

    Game Developer and Designer

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