Robotics and coding for kids - Developing future STEAM leaders with lots of fun

Our Story

Robofun was born out of founder Lina Qasem’s love for robotics and coding. Having participated in and won multiple robotics competitions she wondered why there aren’t more girls like her in this field. Realising the importance of exposing kids early to STEAM education she founded Robofun – a robotics and coding for kids academy – to do just that.

Our Values

At Robofun – a robotics and coding for kids academy –  we believe that its our responsibility to give our children a head start in learning about technology within a safe and inclusive environment. Exposing children early to a STEAM education will help expand their horizon and develop their problem solving skills.

We are also very big believers in diversity in technology. Currently these are male dominated industries and the best way to solve this is empower and engage girls in STEAM fields early on. To tackle this, Robofun is unique in providing programs that are tailored to appeal and inspire girls to STEAM.

Robofun’s curriculum and programs are flexible in that they can be given based on the student’s level and skills.

Robofun also aims to make STEAM education accessible to all people with competitive pricing for our programs.

Our Mission

Attract young girls to STEAM education and keep them engaged within a safe and inclusive environment to set them up for a successful future.

Our Vision

To be the leader in STEAM education nationwide as well as achieving the gender equality in STEAM fields.